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State of Montana
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image "In Montana, the wildlife outnumber the people."

"Welcome to a very special place. Montana is the nation's fourth largest state - 148,000 square miles of mountains and prairies, farms and forests, cities and towns, rivers and streams and wild areas whose beauty and history will make you stop and think. Scattered about this vast state are uncounted wild creatures and nearly 900,000 neighbors. We still talk to each other here, not at each other... ...At some point, everyone needs a Montana in their life."
- Governor Marc Racicot

Montana's nickname is "Big Sky Country." Once you've visited, you'll know why. Jagged mountains of granite. Rolling green plains. Crystal-clear lakes and refreshing streams. They are all here in Montana. Add teeming populations of wildlife and you complete the picture of Big Sky Country, a landscape rich in scenes of natural wonder. Montana is filled with fun things to do and friendly people to meet. Hike, bike, raft, watch wildlife, take photos, ride horses or spend time in our great indoors. Shopping, museums, galleries, dining and theater are always enjoyable.

image Statistics

  • Population: 856,057 (1994 est.)
  • Density: 6 people per square mile
  • Largest city: Billings (86,578)
  • Capitol: Helena
  • Highest point: Granite Peak, near Red Lodge Montana - 12,799 feet
  • Lowest point: Kootenai River, 1,800 feet


Sources - State of Montana.

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