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Area Schools
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Bozeman Public Schools

At first glance, the Bozeman Public Schools might appear to be a typical small school district. Once you walk inside one of the Bozeman schools you will instantly feel the energy and enthusiasm that the teachers, students and administrators have for learning.

The Bozeman Public school system covers an area larger than the city of Bozeman. The school involves two districts, Elementary District Number 7 and the Bozeman High School District. The school system is a public entity under the authority of the State.

In Bozeman, there are six elementary schools, (K - 6), two middle schools, (6 - 8), a high school (9 - 12) and an alternative high school. There are about 5,100 students and 328 teachers. The outlying elementary schools include Cottonwood, LaMotte, Monforton, Gallatin Gateway, Anderson, Malmborg and Ophir (Big Sky).

The schools are governed by 7 elected Board of Trustees, and 2 trustees at large who are elected by citizens of the rural elementary districts.

The public schools in town are in selected areas of the town, and to meet the demands of a growing community, 2 new elementary schools opened in the fall of 1992. Each school prepares our young people with high quality education and several optional programs to highlight their growth, both academically and socially.

Bozeman High School has an average enrollment of 1,600. The school was twice named as one of the outstanding schools in America by the U.S. Department of Education, and is accredited by the Northwest Accrediting Association and the Montana office of Public Instruction.

Two diploma degrees are offered at Bozeman, a General Diploma requiring 21 credits and a College Prep, requiring a total of 23 credits. Most BHS students choose the College Prep diploma and approximately 65% go on to college. Students from the distict have gone on to participate in many successful careers as adults including playing in the NFL, Rhodes Scholars and news anchors for national television.

Our high school marching band was chosen to be one of the bands marching in the 1999 Tournatnent of Roses Parade. This distinguished honor was a sweet reward for the high quality performance band.

All schools in the district offer the students extra circular activities to choose from. Our competing sports teams did extremely well in the 1998-99 school year, bringing home several state championships. In addition, the district offers intramural, debate, speech, music and other fine activities.

You will find pride of participating in the families and students attending the Bozeman Public School System.

For more information on Bozeman Public Schools call 406-522-6005 or visit the Bozeman Public Schools site.

Test Scores

Bozeman Students Score High in SAT and Other National Tests:

  • The average national SAT verbal score for girls was 426 - in Bozeman the average score was 483.
  • The average national SAT verbal score for boys was 429 - in Bozeman the average score was 495.
  • Bozeman Girls and boys had the best Montana average of 473 in verbal SAT scores.
  • Average national SAT math score for girls was 463 - in Bozeman the average was 534.
  • Average national SAT math score for boys was 503 - in Bozeman the average was 571.
  • The Montana average SAT math score for boys and girls was 536.
Source: September 1996 Bozeman Public Scbools District Performance summary.

Home Schooling

Gallatin Valley home Educators: There are support opportunities offered to families who choose to home school their children in the Gallatin Valley, including a home school band, social clubs for boys and girls, educational support, a sports association, and an information newsletter for parents and networking. Call Jeanne Johnson for more information: 406-763-4697.

Area Private Schools

Several choices are available for alternative educational plans for students in the Gallatin Valley.

Private Schools:

  • Bozeman Christian: K-12, 406-586-8061
  • Childrens House: preschool-5, 406-586-5599, 1405 Bridger Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715
  • Great Beginnings Montessori: preschool-K, 406-587-0132, P.O. 1794, Bozeman, MT 59771
  • Headwaters Academy: 6-12, 406-585-9997, 418 W. Garfield, Bozeman, MT 59715, (Candidates for state accreditation)
  • Heritage Christian: K-8, 406-587-9311, 4310 Durston Road, Bozeman, MT 59718, (Accredited by Association of Christian Schools International; state certified teachers and administrators)
  • Learning Circle Montessori: preschool-5, 406-587-2672, 516 W. Cleveland, Bozeman, MT 59715, (Affiliate of American Montessori Society)
  • Manhattan Christian: preschool-12, Christian based, 406-282-7261, 8000 Churchill Road, Manhattan, MT 59741, (State accredited and members of Christian Schools International)
  • Mount Ellis Academy: 9-12, 7th Day Adventist, 406-587-5178, 3641 Bozeman Trail Road, Bozeman, MT 59715, (Accredited by National Council for Private Schools and state)
  • Petra Academy : 4-12, 406-582-8165, 301 S. 19th Ave., Bozeman, MT 59715, (Members & Candidates for Association of Christian Schools International)

State University

Bozeman is home to Montana State University. See our MSU Page for more information.


Sources - Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, Bozeman Public Schools.

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