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Real Estate Safety Tips
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Safety tips when showing your own home:

General Safety Advice:

  • Keep windows, doors, garage and car locked! 99% of the time the perpetrator has not had to force entry, but simply entered thru an unlocked door.
  • If a stranger approaches and requests to look at your home, refer them to your real estate agent. Under no circumstances open the door! A serious prospect will want to talk to the listing agent.
  • Property should be shown by appointment only and well planned in advance by a real estate agent that you feel comfortable with.
  • When property is shown do not leave items of value laying around or anything that would allow someone later entry such as a spare set of keys. Be alert and aware and look for signs that this prospect may not be what he/she appears to be.
  • Avoid showing the property at night and alone.
  • Make sure your locks are of high quality and secure.
  • If a suspicious person approaches and is turned away, report the incident anyway.
  • Don't advertise the property as being vacant!

If you are a For Sale By Owner:
  • Always conduct open house with a partner or friend.
  • Keep on the look out for behavioral patterns of house hunters that don't seem consistent with a bona fide home buyer.
  • When showing your home stay behind the prospect and avoid closed spaces such as basement and attic areas.
  • Dont use defense items such as pepper spray or weapon unless you are trained in its use; in many cases weapons end up being used against the victim.
  • Pay attention to your neighborhood and look for signs of something unusual such as a strange vehicle or unfamiliar face.
  • Don't park your car where it can be blocked.

Remember: educating and preparing yourself for an encounter is the best way to avoid a dangerous situation!

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